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Mantu, Gh. Dumitroaia, A. Tsaravopoulos, eds. He is the senior of Romanian archaeologists and, at the same time, the senior member of the Romanian Academys Section of Historical Sciences and Archaeology - undeniably, a performance from a biological standpoint.

But it is not the rise above the average age recorded in Romania that makes metode de slabit rapid Master so special; it is the rigor and the decisiveness with which he has honoured and is honouring his destiny as a true scholar.

In his ninth decade, Mircea Petrescu-Dmbovia still shows impressive working rhythm hematite pierdere în greutate bracelet review spiritual vigour, as well as remarkable devotion to the domain he chose as early as his adolescence.

For the ones who know him less, we will try to sketch an inset portrait, meant to point out his contribution to science and culture, on a both national and international ground.

He belonged to a distinguished family of intellectuals, with elevated preoccupations, who could offer him excellent education. His father had been born in at Trgovite, but he attended high school and university in Bucharest, where he graduated in both law and classical philology. He worked as a magistrate and as a lawyer. Since the name Petrescu was rather frequent among lawyers, he officially adopted the supplementary name of Dmbovia, from the name of his native district.

Mircea PetrescuDmbovias mother, born at Adjud, in Southwest Moldavia, was of Greek-Italian extraction, as a descendant of the Vrioni and Migliaresi families that had their roots in Cephalonia and Corfu. She attended high school in Galai, then studied music in Lausanne.

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After her return to Romania she held various positions in professional associations, but she continued to have artistic preoccupations, and she composed many musical pieces for the piano. One of her sisters, Elena Iscescu by marriagegraduated from the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of the Bucharest University, but she dedicated herself to medieval numismatics, and she worked for the Central Military Museum and for the Numismatic Cabinet of the Romanian Academy.

As regards the scholar to-be Mircea Petrescu-Dmbovia, during the years he attended primary school, and in the Vasile Alecsandri secondary school in Galai. He had the chance of well-prepared and didactically gifted teachers, such as Aetiu Hoga in Romanian language, and Anton Holban in French.

The former son of the renowned writer Calistrat Hoga was the one hematite pierdere în greutate bracelet review - by his charisma, and by the readings he suggested - guided the young student towards the study of history and archaeology. That is why, when young PetrescuDmbovia went to Bucharest for higher education, he attended in parallel the Faculty of Law due to paternal urges and the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy.

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As a student of letters and philosophy he was primarily concerned with prehistoric archaeology, his main attachment being to Ioan Andrieescu.

Simultaneously, he attended highly attractive courses taught by master minds of Romanian science, such as Nicolae Iorga, Constantin C.

Giurescu, Petre P. Inafter sustained efforts, he managed to complete his studies and to defend dissertations at both the above-mentioned faculties. But his fondness of ancient history had become too strong for him to continue to deal in law. Already towards the end of his students life, Homage on a Veritable Anniversary he had become honorary assistant at the University and assistant at the National Museum of Antiquities in Bucharest. At the University, he worked under the guidance of Ioan Andrieescu, the director of the Seminar of Archaeology and Prehistory, and at the museum he was led by the curators Scarlat Lambrino and Ion Nestor.

Due to his position as a museum worker, in Mircea Petrescu-Dmbovia embarked upon an archaeological investigation in the pierderea în greutate canton oh district of Covurlui, in Southern Moldavia. The result was the finding of many vestiges, among which the grave of a nomad horseman of the twelfth-thirteenth centuries, at Moscu.

That investigation enjoyed the direct support and the appreciation of Professor C. Giurescu, who was at that time royal resident of the Lower Danube Province.

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Before and during World Hematite pierdere în greutate bracelet review II, he was drafted as reserve officer of the 3rd Regiment of heavy artillerythen at a unit of the HQ in Odessa Inas he was again sent to the 3rd Regiment engaged in fierce battles at that time - his life was in great danger.

After his demobilisation, inhe resumed his activity at the National Museum of Antiquities and at the Faculty of History of the Bucharest University. In that position, he participated in the activities of several archaeological sites Srata Monteoru, Glina, Zimniceaunder the leadership of the renowned Professor Ion Nestor and of other Bucharest specialists.

In parallel he was preparing his doctoral thesis, Contributions to the Study of the Final Bronze Age in Transylvania, which he successfully defended in His academic supervisor was Ion Nestor, who was to remain until his death, in Mircea PetrescuDmbovias true spiritual mentor.

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The former students veneration for his master remained intact even when certain personal frictions appearedand it was transmitted to close collaborators.

In the University of Iai offered him a position of associate professor, which he accepted with justified reluctance, since the years of the war, and especially the reforms of the newly installed Communist regime had produced serious turmoil in the system of education.

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Others had been dismissed, or they had drawn back for various reasons. Because of the interruption in the preoccupations with archaeology and ancient history in Iai, he had to do pioneer work.

In fact, even before the war, the study of prehistory had not represented any steady interest at the University of Iai. He had to stir inertia into action, and he had to act tactfully, lest he should irritate the proxies of the new power.

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He began his didactic activity at the Faculty of HistoryGeography established in the wake of the education reform of Augustout of which a Faculty of History emerged. By the unification with the Faculty of Philology, a Faculty of Philology-History was created, which lasted untilwhen the name was reversed into History-Philology. The whirligig of designations which, at a hematite pierdere în greutate bracelet review serious level, reflected ambiguity and chaos in curricula did not stop there.

Only a year later a new compression of the humanities was ordered, which materialised in a Faculty of Philology-HistoryPhilosophy. The latter was not to live long, since after two years init split into a Faculty of Philology and one of History-Philosophy. The last move proved to be luckier, since it eventually meant a threedecade evolution. Professor Petrescu-Dmbovia did his best to adapt himself to the fluctuations specific to that age, and he managed to confine his didactic obligations to general courses of ancient history of Romania and of prehistory, plus several special courses of archaeology.

Besides his didactic tasks he acquired a position of research worker at the History Section of the Institute of History and Philology created inwhich belonged to the Iai Branch of the Academy of the Romanian Peoples Republic. By a division of the above-mentioned institute, the Institute of History and Archaeology was created inwhich came to bear the name of A.

Xenopol in Between andhe held the position of director. At that time beginning in the scientific activity of the institution was co-ordinated by the Academy of Social and Political Sciences.

După ce parcurgea aproximativ Km, strecurându-se prin văile care separă Podişurile Cobadinului, Negru Vodă şi Oltinei, râul se vărsa în Dunăre printr-un golf natural, azi Lacul Vederoasa. Debitul râului era alimentat de precipitaţiile mult mai bogate decât în prezent şi de izvoarele subterane, iar patul calcaros, împreună cu stratul aluvionar, a redus infiltrarea apei şi a favorizat menţinerea unui debit bogat. Pe durata neoliticului s-a constatat existenţa unui optim climatic între î.

Although that fact was not officially mentioned, his retirement several months before the turning point of December 89 was caused by his daughters emigration to Poland. That fact may look laughable nowadays, but at that time it was in keeping with a relatively common practice.

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On another ground, Professor Petrescu-Dmbovia had many responsibilities in the Museum of Antiquities, which in passed from under the aegis of the University, where it had belonged since its foundation by Orest Tafrali, to the Iai Branch of the Academy of the Romanian Peoples Republic. That museum, whose curator he became inwas turned in into the Museum of History of Moldavia. At that institution, he became concerned with its diversification of themes, and with its structural modernisation and re-organisation, which implied not only the space of exhibition, but also the stores of archaeological finds and the library.

It was also in when he initiated the opening of the first sector of permanent exhibition, the one of prehistory. Subsequently, in andother such sectors opened, and they reflected the evolution of the Romanian extra-Carpathian territory until the revolution.

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Professor Petrescu-Dmbovia held the curators position untilwhen the museum became part of the Iai Museum Complex. His seriousness in the fulfilment of his didactic tasks, and the determination he showed in the completion of an exigent and systematic scientific programme has brought him the respect and praise of his colleagues and of the decision makers in the field of education and research.

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As a result, he became full professor inand in he was granted the title of doctor docent. He also became a supervisor of doctoral activities in the domain of ancient history and archaeology of Romania, and in he came to hold the position of President of the Iai Branch of the Romanian Institute of Thracology.

He retired from his didactic position inbut he continued to be active as an emeritus, and as a doctorate supervisor.

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Academically, Professor Petrescu-Dmbovia has expressed himself fully in the field of archaeology, by the diggings he initiated Victor Spinei especially in the Moldavian territory west of the Prut. The result was an exhaustive investigation for the first on the territory of Romania of an expansive NeolithicChalcolithic settlement belonging to the Cucuteni Culture Stage A.

Professor Petrescu-Dmbovia knew that, in order to get a comprehensive view on the evolution of human societies, more extensive uncovering of settlements was needed. Not only dwellings, but also additional buildings, shrines, fortifications ought to be revealed; and all imperishable finds ought to be recovered, including tools, weapons, ornaments, household implements, pieces of clothing, objects of cult, etc.

From that standpoint, he considered it fit to repeat, on higher terms, the Hbeti experience, by opening the diggings on the site of Trueti Botoani District.

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There he investigated, together with a consistent team, a vast Cucuteni A settlement, a Bronze Age necropolis representing the Noua Culture, as well as other objectives. The investigation took one decade An equally ambitious project was the resumption of diggings at Cucuteni-Biceni Iai Districton the site that gave the name to the Cucuteni Culture, which had become famous in the whole world due to the investigation led by the German archaeologist Hubert Schmidt in The problems raised by the site of Cucuteni-Cetuia proved to be much more complex, because of the succession of the stratigraphic range specific to stage A, as well as to stages A-B and B of the Cucuteni Culture.

While active in the above-mentioned major diggings, Professor Petrescu-Dmbovia also initiated investigations of other objectives that corresponded chronologically to the Neolithic, the Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age.

Also, he was Homage on a Veritable Anniversary delegated, together with C. Nicolescu-Plopor, to direct the salvage investigations in the area of what was to become the man-made lake of the Bicaz hydro-power station Neam Districtin parallel with the explorations undertaken by teams of ethnographers, folklorists, linguists, anthropologists and art historians.

Professor Petrescu-Dmbovia did his own excavations at the settlement of Hangu dating from the Neolithic and the Bronze Age. But he also ensured the general co-ordination of the investigations undertaken by specialists from Iai and from Bucharest in other settlements of the area.

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Subsequently he also supervised the preparation of a volume that was meant to turn to account the results of all the excavations. Professor Petrescu-Dmbovia sensed the existence of many flaws in the perception of certain aspects of the evolution of the East Carpathian area during the period of migrations and of the early Middle Ages. In the former, for the first time in the Carpathian-Dniestrian space, two horizons were revealed, which corresponded with the migrations of the Slavs and with the period that preceded the formation of the independent Moldavian medieval state, respectively.

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On the latter site, the building system of a late-first millennium fortified settlement was reconstructed. The preliminary and final results of all those excavations were published in numerous monographs, studies and excavation reports.

Remarkable among those publications are especially the voluminous monographs on the Cucutenian settlements at Trueti and at Cucuteni. Those works were conceived in collaboration with colleagues from Iai and from other centres.